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Time is the most valuable thing in life.

My dear clients!

Lately, it has been happening too often that new clients schedule an appointment and then cancel it a couple of hours before the appointment time or simply are out of reach after the booking.

I really appreciate your time and trust, and that is why:

- I work quickly and very carefully;

- I created a convenient website to make scheduling an appointment a matter of one minute.

And now I just want to remain available only to those clients who mutually appreciate me and my time. You must agree, it is very disappointing to spend time and gas on the road, to only arrive and find out that the client simply did not show up. Perhaps some other client could actually use that appointment time but could not schedule it because the time slot was already taken.

I discussed this issue with my colleagues and realized that everyone but me has been doing this cancelation policy for a long time, and now I am implementing it into my policy.

Therefore, starting on February 15, for new clients, I will require a mandatory prepayment to book an appointment: you pay 50% of the cost of your desired service on the website at the time of booking. You pay the rest in person when you come in for your appointment.

In case you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you need to notify me about it no later than 24 hours before the appointment time so that I can give your spot to someone else on the waitlist.

You get an email reminder, so all you need is to do is notify me in advance by replying to that email.

If you notify me more than 24 hours before the appointment you are trying to cancel or reschedule, the deposit will be posted as a balance towards your next visit.

If you warned me less than a day in advance, then the deposit is not refundable.

These and other important changes in my policy are already on my website.

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